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Box 8 Mignons Comptoir de la Rose

Box 8 Mignons

Inside this box you will find:

8 sweet and savory mignons:

Mango confit with rose
Rose lavender honey
Candied rose petals in lavender honey
Tomato confit with rose
Strawberry confit with rose
Onion confit with rose
Spread of green olives with rose
Rose Carrot Spread

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Days and roses... Treat yourself to a gustatory and floral moment. A trip alone, as a couple or with friends outside the fields, for a gourmet and unique moment.
Our recipes are original, unique and artisanal for a 100% rose concept.

Les Mignons, box where you will discover the essentials of the Comptoir de la Rose. We have miniaturized some of our bestsellers so that you can discover or rediscover them.

With this cute little box, your taste buds will vibrate Rose

Dare for rose pleasures, which are as subtle as they are elegant!


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